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Welcome to Angels Among Us Daycare, Inc website!

Thank you for visiting to see what our daycare is all about!

Angels Among US Daycare, Inc. has been in business since 2004.

The daycare came about because of our president Stephanie Bartlett. She worked at Circle of Mercy Daycare in 1996-1997 as a 2 year old teacher assistant. Her dream was that her sister Angela Henry (Angie) and she would open a daycare together.

Then one day at Circle of Mercy Daycare Stephanie ended up taking a 5 year old little girl home that was left at the daycare. Her name was Finesse and she was a crack baby. She needed lots of attention so she decided to leave circle of Mercy and open a home daycare.

Stephanie ended up going back to work at Best Buy, where she also worked when she was at circle of mercy, after Finesse started school.

Then in 2004 a parent called and Stephanie asked if she was ever going to open a daycare back up. They had just had a little girl named Maleena and they wanted her to watch her.
They don't trust very many people when it comes to their babies! So Stephanie opened up TLC Daycare in 2004 and since then it has grown and is doing so well she has decided to try to expand the daycare.

Stephanie incorporated the business and changed the name to Angels Among Us Daycare, Inc. Since then Angie has joined her in working at the daycare.

You could say a dream come true! Since then Stephanie has moved out of the daycare and now the house is all daycare.

She live right next door. We are now opened 24/7. Stephanie also has hired on additional staff to have the appropriate staff to children ratio by the state.

We can see us in a couple of years expanding again at the rate the daycare is growing.

Here at Angels Among Us Daycare, Inc. the staffs have their CDA credentials and are qualified to care for your children so that they may prepare them for the years to come.

We offer a great deal of services for your children. Here at Angels Among Us Daycare, Inc. we only want the best for your children. We have joined up with Community Coordinated Child Care of Indiana to participate in the teaching of Creative Curriculum for preschool, and joined Paths to Quality. We are also on the food program with the state to insure the children have complete and balanced meals and snacks.

We supply learning, laughter and lots of love!

Children are the future and so it's important to guide and prepare them. They are like little sponges and they absorb everything they are around! We offer a huge variety of age appropate toys that support growth and development.

We are located at 2020 Kemble Ave. South Bend, In 46613. We are on the corner of Donald and Kemble across from the National Guard Army. The Angels Among Us Daycare, Inc sign hangs right out front off of the porch. Any questions about how to get to the daycare feel free to give us a call. The phone number is 574-287-5167. You can also email us at angelsamongusdc@sbcglobal.net